A famous proverb states that a picture is worth a thousand words and an experiment is worth a thousand pages – yes, exactly! There is no substitute for an experiment when it comes to learning of anything, especially so, for science.

M S L focuses on science content and effective instructional strategies, infused with the concept of inquiry learning.
M S L focuses on gaining knowledge through research. Scientific learning is tied directly to state learning standards (Essential Knowledge and Skills) and is scheduled so that teachers have time to take up new concepts and design ways to transfer the essential concepts to their students on a regular basis.

One of the most valuable experiences for young scientists is the opportunity to discuss their research with established members of the scientific community. A panel of experts in education and the scientific community evaluates your inquiry project through all levels of the national science fair program. Your project is evaluated for it’s significance, soundness, and creativity of work.

Within 24 Month of operation MSL reached to 130 schools, more than 22000 Students and 100 Teachers in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Harayan, Delhi, West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, got benefited.